Potassium 10% with Humates

HI-K is a combination of the potassium salts of citric, carbonate and thiosulphate designed for a wide range of crop and soil conditions.

HI-K when applied to cereal crops must be applied early in the season for root uptake or through the foliage, only at later stages of growth, as roots do not absorb potassium generally after flowering.  HI-K promotes starch biosynthesis leading to higher grain weights, rstores the vital crop water balance and improves photosynthesis the key food production process for the plant.

Application Rates
Early application in the beginning of the crop cycle boosts root development and shoot growth.  Usual application rates are between 7.5-10 Litres per hectare in 100-150 Litres of water.

Safety Directions
Keep out of reach of children.  Do not take internally.  Avoid contact with eyes.


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