About Era Sustainable

Since its inception in 1997, Era has been investigating the foundation of sustainable farming for Western Australia growers, while working closely with academic institutions (UWA, Murdoch) and government bodies.

In recent years, the Department of Food and Agriculture of Western Australia (DAFWA) has noted that Western Australian agriculture soils are degrading at a rate of 1% per year, with 30% soils having a fertility challenge. 

Era aims to deliver biological solutions to soil degradation that are cost effective and practical, yet friendly for the environment.

Era work's with you to improve profitability by managing soil biological profiles to deliver nutrient and water usage efficiencies.

Era's advice is based on science of 20 years of research.   


Era has technologies to:

  1. Measure soil biological profile
  2. Correlate soil biology with crop nutrient requirements
  3. Stimulate soil boilogy
  4. Target inputs to achieve specific yield goals, allowing for the efficiency of a healthy soil biology profile

These technologies make Era Sustainable an industry leader with a unique capacity to work with farmers; implementing agro-ecological farming practices to improve profitability and soil biological fertility.


  • Generation of knowledge through applied research
  • Preservation of the environment
  • Optimisation of agricultural resources
  • Improvement of animal welfare


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