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Era Sustainable (“Era”) is a Western Australian based agri-business that specializes in agricultural modelling systems. Era uses plant physiochemical and biological processes to create a tailored and sustainable production system for your farm.

Era also offers products, testing and agronomic recommendations to help you make informed decisions for your farm.

Research & Development

Since 1997, Era has been working with WA farmers and academics from UWA and Murdoch University to establish a sustainable farming paradigm that integrates the chemical, physical and biological attributes of the soil. 

Era has patented products, biological farming methodologies and diagnostic tools.


Testing and Diagnostic

Era's testing utilises a unique combined approach to test the chemical, physical and biological attributes of a soil.  Comprehensive chemisty tests are conducted regularly over the course of the year to establish nutritional requirements for the crop to maximise uptake and yield.  Additionally, molecular techniques (DNA sequencing and bioassay) are used to quantify a range of microbes in soil, including pathogens and soil fauna (nematodes).  Both the chemical and biological tests are used to create a recommendation that takes into account the soil's physio-chemical and biological fertility to help the farmer make agronomic decisions.


14 Jan


Agricultural Productivity

Reports suggest that Global Agricultural Productivity (GAP) is not accelerating fast enough to sustainably feed the world by 2050. 


29 Dec


Soil Power !

Soil power, the dirty way to a cleener future.

The last great hope of avoiding catastrophic climate change may lie in a substance so common

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